Nieuwe Blog over Kleinschalige Detentie van Veronique Aïcha Achoui

Today my first blogpost for RESCALED was published, 'The World of Tomorrow', including a quote from one of my favorite poets, Khalil Gibran.

"“And as a single leaf turns not yellow but with the silent knowledge of the whole tree"

"Community in the broadest sense of the word can be a primitive community, a family or a more developed form of community, such as a neighborhood, company, institution, city or even country. So communities are always an integral part of the individual, and vice versa. There is a circular process of influence between an individual and the community. And it is precisely prison that breaks this connection in every possible way. Therefore, there can never be normalization in a prison. Normal would be a small-scale detention house. Just as we created small-scale houses in psychiatry and elderly care, we can make detention houses for people who are sentenced. In the future we will perhaps no longer see prisoners or criminals, but people who have not succeeded in becoming part of society."

Read the blogpost on the RESCALED website

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